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Sniper Scalping System

Why do only 5% of those who try day trading succeed? After training hundreds of traders, we believe those who succeed reject a seductive, over-simplified treasure map view that focuses on finding and mastering the one perfect trading system. Instead, they follow a more insightful and realistic roadmap that begins with their key characteristics as traders and logically guides them through the process steps to reach their destination - consistent profitability.

The treasure map view is based on three lies:

  • All traders are essentially the same. (Do you really think they are?)
  • One perfect trading system will serve all traders well.
    (If true, who takes the other side of your trades?)
  • All traders need is a good system to succeed.
    (Consider the key elements below.)

The Sniper Scalping Roadmap is based on three insights:

  • Each trader is an individual with a relatively unique set of key characteristics;
  • Each trader must define, refine, prove and gain confidence in one or more compatible trading systems;
  • Each trader must master all of the key elements of trading:
    • Trading Basics
    • The Roadmap
    • Trading Plans composed of:
      • Trader Key Characteristics and
      • Trade Specifications
    • Indicators and Tools
    • Trade Management
    • Position Size and Account Management
    • Trading Psychology
    • Backtesting
    • Simulation Trading

Sniper Scalping is a complete package of tools, techniques, training and coaching based on those three insights. While we provide much more than tools and techniques, we believe ours to be among the most powerful and configurable in the industry. Traders can achieve consistent profitability quickly by following the Sniper Scalping Roadmap and our 90 Days to Success program. For a more detailed view of our products and services, please click on the following link to view the Products page.

If you want to be a consistently profitable trader, we urge you to reject the treasure map lies and investigate the power of Sniper Scalping Roadmap to guide you to consistent profitability through a Free Trial.